MMT Advanced radio navigation device


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The MMT Advanced radio navigation device is available in double DIN format for all TGX and TGS models and for all new TGL and TGM models. It offers simpler operation, improved navigation and advanced entertainment functions.

The 5-inch touch screen enables direct, intuitive operation. The driver is able to concentrate much more on his surroundings. In addition to the familiar radio functions such as AM/FM selection, Traffic Message Channel (TMC), Radio Data System (RDS) and 4-channel audio amplifier, the system scope can also be extended to offer a number of additional handy features.

One option is the ability to connect external audio sources such as MP3 players via the new USB/AUX interface at the right edge of the centre storage tray. The space for the cup holder remains free on the left.
An integrated Bluetooth interface for phone calls and audio streaming is also available on request. This enables you to play music from your mobile or smartphone via the vehicle speakers, for example.
Also available is a navigation system specific to commercial vehicles, with extensive maps stored on micro SD card. There are three map configurations to choose from: "Western Europe", "Eastern Europe" and "Whole of Europe".