Fishing for Hummers


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Retrieving a Hummer from the bottom of a frozen lake in North Dakota...
Uncle Frank was out ice fishing with his family and they drove over a part of the lake that has warm springs under it(there were no markings or warnings) and the front end went through the ice. Frank and his family were able to get out quickly before the entire thing went through the ice narrowly escaping.
Thankfully no one was hurt but it was a close call.

2 days later he had to return to get the Hummer from the bottom of the lake. It is the law that you must retrieve the vehicle. It was covered by insurance.

We had no idea how to get a vehicle from the bottom of a frozen lake so I went along to document it. It was quite a process as you will see.

I am used to living in Los Angeles so I had a lot of trouble being in that extreme cold.

Grandpa was drilling holes to ice fish while we waited and he worked up quite a sweat.

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