2018 INFINITI QX60 - Seat Adjustments


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Look for this switch on the side of your seat. Slide it forward or backward and the seat will move in that direction.

This switch can also be used to adjust the height and angle of the seat. Move the front or rear end of the switch up or down to adjust the angle of the cushion. Then push down or pull up on the middle of the switch to adjust the height.

To recline the seat, push this switch backward until you achieve the desired position. To bring the back upright, push the switch forward.

If so equipped, the power lumbar support feature provides lower back support to the driver.

Move this switch forward or backward to adjust the seat lumbar support.

If a child safety seat is installed on the passenger’s side of the second row, you can still enter the third row without removing it.

For easy access to the third row seats, pull up on this lever on the second row seatback. This will release the seatback, tilt the seat, and then release the tracks allowing you to slide the seat forward or backward.

To return the seat to a locked position, push the upper seatback rearward until the seatback and track are locked.

To fold the 2 nd row bench seat flat, first pull up on this bar and slide the 2 nd row seat base to the rearmost position.

Next, stow the second row seatbelts in the seatbelt hooks found on the sides of the vehicle.

Then, lift up on the RECLINE lever on the side of the outboard seats near the bottom seat cushion, and fold the seatback flat.

To return the second row seats to an upright position, push up on the seatback until it latches in place.

When returning the seatback to the upright position always be certain it is completely secured in the latched position.

If you have removed or adjusted the headrest or head restraints, reinstall and properly adjust them before an occupant uses these seating positions. Please see your Owner’s Manual for the proper installation information.

To fold the 3rd row seats flat:
● pull this strap to release the head restraint,
● stow the seat belts in the seat belt hooks found on the sides of the cargo area,
● then pull up on the latch in the upper corner of each seatback and lower the seatback.

To return the third row seats to an upright position, pull the straps to raise each seatback until secured.
Pull back on the head restraint until it latches. Do not use the pull strap. Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system
limitations, and additional operating and feature information.