2018 INFINITI QX60 - Heater and Air Conditioner without Navigation (if so equipped)


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This is the control panel for the heater and air conditioner system.

Press THIS button and the system will automatically regulate and maintain fan speed, air flow, and temperature in the cabin.

If FAN SPEED, AIR FLOW MODE, or DEFROST settings are manually adjusted, the system will switch from AUTO mode to your control.

Push THIS button to manually set the desired temperature for each side of the vehicle. To switch the climate control system back to driver control, press the DUAL button again to the OFF position.

Press THIS button to select from the available air flow modes. THIS icon indicates air will flow from the defroster outlets. THE arrows indicate whether the center and side vents, or the foot outlets are active.

Press THIS button to recirculate air inside your vehicle. This increases A/C efficiency and helps to block outside odors.

Press again to draw in fresh outside air, improving your vehicle’s defogging performance.

Press and hold the air recirculation button to set the air intake to automatic. The indicator lights will blink twice.

Press CLIMATE, and then press this key to manually turn the air conditioner ON or

In hot or humid conditions, a visible mist may be seen coming from the vents. This does not indicate a malfunction.

To defrost or defog front and side windows, press THIS button.

The A/C indicator may also illuminate because the A/C compressor is activated to help dry the air and improve window clearing performance. The air can still be fully warmed with the A/C activated.

For windshield deicing, set the temperature to maximum heat with the fan set to

Press THIS button to defrost or defog the rear window and the outside mirrors. If not turned OFF manually, this function will automatically deactivate in a period of time.

There is a temperature sensor on top of the dashboard that regulates the automatic heater and air conditioner settings. Please keep this area clear of papers and other materials.

You can return to automatic control of the heater and air conditioner system at any time by pressing THIS button.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating and feature information.