2018 INFINITI QX30 - AroundView® Monitor with Moving Object Detection (if so equipped)


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The AroundView® Monitor is a parking aid that provides views of your vehicle’s position in relation to surrounding objects. There are cameras located in the center of the front grille, on the outside mirrors and above the rear license plate.

The AroundView® Monitor displays a combination of views on the touch screen display when activated with the ignition switch in the ON position.
● Bird’s-eye View shows a top view around your vehicle.
● Front-side View shows the area around and ahead of the passenger’s side front wheel.
● Front View shows the area directly in front of your vehicle.
● Rear View shows a picture of the area directly behind your rear bumper.

Move the shift lever to Reverse or press the CAMERA button, while the ignition is ON to operate the Around View Monitor. Pressing the CAMERA button repeatedly cycles through the available views.

The available views vary based on the position of the shift lever. Certain view combinations are displayed in a split-screen format.

The front and rear views display the approximate distance between an object and your vehicle with colored lines.
● The RED line designates an object approximately 1.5 feet away.
● The YELLOW line designates an object is approximately 3 feet away.
● The first GREEN line designates an object is approximately 7 feet away.
● The second GREEN line designates an object is approximately 10 feet away.

When the steering wheel is turned, predictive course lines are also displayed on the screen. These lines show the approximate path the vehicle will take. The predictive course lines move in conjunction with how far the steering wheel is turned.

The sonar function alerts the driver when obstacles are near the bumper at speeds at or below approximately 5 miles-per-hour. When the shift lever is in Drive, obstacles are detected when in the Front View. Obstacles are detected in both the Front View and Rear View when the shift lever is in Reverse.

When an obstacle is detected, a tone sounds and increases in frequency as the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle. When the obstacle is very close to the vehicle, the tone becomes continuous.

An indicator is shown on the AroundView® Monitor at the corner of the vehicle that is near the obstacle. The indicator changes from a slowly blinking green indicator, to a faster blinking yellow indicator, then to a solid red indicator as the obstacle gets closer.

The Moving Object Detection or (MOD) system operates when the AroundView® Monitor is active and can help inform the driver of moving objects surrounding the vehicle when driving out of parking structures, garages, or maneuvering in parking lots.

A blue MOD icon is displayed on the screen when the MOD system is operative and a gray MOD icon is displayed when the MOD system is inoperative.

When the shift lever is in the DRIVE position and the vehicle speed is below approximately 5 miles per hour, the MOD system detects moving objects in the
Front-View. When the shift lever is in the REVERSE position and the vehicle speed is below approximately 5 MPH, the MOD system detects moving objects in the

If the MOD system detects a moving object near the vehicle, a yellow frame appears on the display screen and a chime sounds intermittently. The yellow frame remains on the screen as long as the MOD system continues to detect moving objects.
The MOD system will not operate if any door or the lift gate is open. Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system
limitations, and additional operating and feature information.