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Şimdi Gözlerinizi 4 Açın! Yeni Subaru XV Karşınızda! 0    0

Şimdi Gözlerinizi 4 Açın! Eyesight sistemimizin standart olduğu Yeni Subaru XV işte bu kadar eğlenceli, işte bu kadar renkli, işte bu kadar keyifli! #Eyesight #Premium #Outback #SubaruOutbac...

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Premium Zirve.. Subaru Outback... 0    0

Prestijin ve keyfin zirvesindeki Premium Outback ile zamanın nasıl geçtiğini anlamak imkansız… #Subaru #SubaruOutback #Outback #gece #gündüz #şehir #doğa #timelapse #day #night #EyeSight #t...

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Tofaş Şahin vs Mercedes C180 (HayalPen) (HD kısafilm) 0    0

Tofaş Şahin vs Mercedes C180 kapışma... Video çekimleri bize ait degildir sadece duzenlenmiştir... HayalPen...

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Kumandalı Oyuncak Araba Tofaş Doğan SLX 0    0

Yeni oyuncak araba videomda kumandalı efsane tofaş doğan slx marka oyuncak arabayı birlikte paketinden çıkarıp deniyoruz. Kırmızı renkli şarjlı kumandalı ışıklı oyuncak arabayla dış...

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ToFaŞ'K 0    0

daha fazlası için facebook sayfamızı ziyaret edin

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The first-ever BMW M2. Official launchfilm. 0    0

BMW M has a new member in the M family: The first-ever BMW M2 Coupé. Be one of the first to see it. It offers 370HP, 272 KW, 500 NM. The newly developed six-cylinder in-line engine with M TwinPower T...

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The BMW M3 (F80) Sedan and the M4 Coupe (F82). Everything ab... 0    0

The fifth generation BMW M3 comes in two model Series. The M3 Sedan and the M4 Coupé or Convertible. For the first time the BMW M3 Series is equipped with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine. In the d...

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The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. 0    0

Blending the elegance of a coupé with the spaciousness of a luxury sedan and the storage capacity of a station wagon: this is the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. The new version cuts a visibly sportie...

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Constructing the 1200 km/h Hyperloop “train”. BMW Welcom... 0    0

The Hyperloop is an idea of a transportation system that can transport people with supersonic speed up to 1200 km/h (745 mph). For example: It could transport people from Los Angeles to San Francisco ...

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The BMW Turbo. BMW Concept Cars. Ideas that proved true. 0    0

With the BMW turbo, BMW was well ahead of its time – in terms of design, aerodynamics and safety features and how they could be integrated into the design and shape. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice...

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BMW 2 Series Coupé and Convertible 2017. All you need to kn... 0    0

This is a detailed review. Discover the new BMW 2 Series Coupé and BMW 2 Series Convertible. A more striking design, LED headlights and an all-new interior take sporting flair and quality feel to ano...

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The first-ever BMW X2. Official TVC. Be the one who dares. 0    0

Experience the BMW X2 with its bold appearance and thrilling performance in an unseen way. Breaking the routines never seemed so easy. *Find the Snapcodes and see where they take you.* Want to see mor...

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Coming 2016 - V12 Twin Turbo 0    0

2016 is already building up to be a very busy year for Aston Martin!

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The new DB11 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12 Engine | Aston Martin 0    0

The challenge: create a turbo-charged engine without compromising on a stunning sound. The result, an astonishing 600 bhp, 700 Nm of torque and 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds, always accompanied by the icon...

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Sublime choices: Aston Martin DB11 now offered with twin-tur... 0    0

After its successful global introduction in 2016, Aston Martin’s definitive GT - the acclaimed DB11 - is now available with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The V8-powered DB11 is the first...

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