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The fastest artwork ever - Bugatti Grand Sport Venet | 2012 0    0

The famous French artist Bernar Venet was invited by Bugatti to adorn the Grand Sport* with his unique visual idiom. And so the new Bugatti Grand Sport Venet was born. His stunning declaration draws u...

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Sir Peter Blake's Commission | Bentley Continental GT 0    0

Bentley has teamed up with the godfather of British pop art, Sir Peter Blake, to create an extraordinary one-of-a-kind Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible. Bentley commissioned Sir Peter to delive...

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Aston Martin House of Beautiful opening in Frankfurt, German... 0    0

Opening between 8 September - 13 October 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. See the heritage Deutsche Bank building transformed into a venue where beauty and indulgence meet. Taste the unique fusion of flavo...

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The Art of Daring: Maya Freelon Asante 0    0

A moment of serendipity opened the eyes of artist Maya Freelon Asante to a new medium and message that she never imagined before. This is The Art of Daring.

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