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The Nissan Paint Prank ft. the World’s Cleanest Car 0    0

You’ll never believe what happens when the Nissan LEAF® pulls The Paint Prank. Unsuspecting passersby are duped into thinking they spilled paint all over a brand new car, but there’s a catch! The...

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Art-house I smart | Anything but cliché 0    0

Does everything seem more sophisticated in black and white? See what happens when the city’s most unconventional car meets one of cinema’s most conventional clichés. Leaves clichés out in the r...

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Tata Airpod - Car that runs on Air 0    0

Indian car maker Tata hopes to bring a car powered by compressed air — an idea that's been contemplated for years but has proved difficult to build commercially — to market. Built on technology li...

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real car fighting on the road, skoda octavia VS Daewoo Lanos 0    0

watch this insane guy keeps hitting poor guy's car with his car. remix by: unknown watch also sheep hit by car watch also expert kid stealing from granny at store https:...

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Daewoo - Cars - 1999 0    0

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