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Saffet Üçüncü Anlatımıyla 60 saniyede Çarpışma Önl... 0    0

Saffet Üçüncü Anlatımıyla 60 saniyede Önleyici Güvenlik Felsefemizin uzun yıllardır üzerinde çalıştığımız, EuroNcap ve ADAC'tan tam not alan EyeSight teknolojimizin Çarpışma Önle...

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Saffet Üçüncü Anlatımıyla 60 saniyede Şeritte Kalma A... 0    0

Saffet Üçüncü, Önleyici Güvenlik Felsefemizin temel bileşenlerinden Şeritte Kalma Asistanı'nı 60 saniyede anlatıyor.

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Şimdi Gözlerinizi 4 Açın! Yeni Subaru XV Karşınızda! 0    0

Şimdi Gözlerinizi 4 Açın! Eyesight sistemimizin standart olduğu Yeni Subaru XV işte bu kadar eğlenceli, işte bu kadar renkli, işte bu kadar keyifli! #Eyesight #Premium #Outback #SubaruOutbac...

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Toyota Safety Sense Şerit Takip Sistemi 0    0

Corolla 50. yıl özel serisi Toyota Safety Sense güvenlik paketiyle Toyota Plazalarda!

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Toyota Safety Sense Ön Çarpışma Önleyici Sistem 0    0

Corolla 50. yıl özel serisi Toyota Safety Sense güvenlik paketiyle Toyota Plazalarda!

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What is a BMW Head-Up Display and how can it support your dr... 0    0

A film about Head-Up Displays in cars. What is a Head-Up Display and why is it good for me? How can it make my driving more secure? How does it work? What´s the future of Head-Up Displays? We´ll ans...

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The special BMW car: BMW 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer. W... 0    0

The BMW 225xe iPerformance Active Tourer, in short BMW 225xe gives you an intelligent combination of dynamic driving and 4-wheel drive Safety. How? We will explain in this clip. If you´re interested...

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Preview: The all new BMW 5 Series. Driving Assistance System... 0    0

The all-new BMW 5 Series is coming soon. In this clip you can get a first glimpse of the latest Driving Assistance Systems the all-new BMW 5 Series can be equipped with. Among many other features, the...

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BMW xDrive: more performance, more safety for you. 0    0

Should your next BMW be equipped with BMW xDrive? This film shows the advantages of the 4-wheel-drive technology of BMW that is available for nearly every BMW car. So you can decide. BMW xDrive has tw...

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The BMW Turbo. BMW Concept Cars. Ideas that proved true. 0    0

With the BMW Turbo, BMW was well ahead of its time – in terms of design, aerodynamics and Safety features and how they could be integrated into the design and shape. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice...

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The all-new BMW X3. Driving Assistant Plus. (G01, 2017) 0    0

For maximum comfort, convenience and Safety your BMW X3 (G01) can be equipped with the most advanced Driver Assistant System from BMW: Driving Assistant Plus. This package hosts a number of new functi...

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Opening the DB11 Clamshell Bonnet | Aston Martin 0    0

Crafted from a single piece of aluminium, the wraparound form of DB11's clamshell bonnet is a continuation of a fearless design philosophy, reconciling the demands of styling with Safety legislation. ...

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FIA WEC - 6 Hours of Silverstone | Aston Martin Racing 0    0

Aston Martin Racing claimed its first podium of 2017 after the team’s #98 V8 Vantage GTE finished the FIA World Endurance Championship’s season opener at Silverstone in second. After qualifying o...

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