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MAN - Tested to the Limit 0    0

We face the toughest test: hard guys, football fans or a group of kids – the MAN Lion's Coach is ready for every situation! Stay tuned! More about the MAN Lion's Coach:

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MAN Lion´s Coach EfficientLine 0    0

With the introduction of the "EfficientLine", MAN is transferring the familiar and successful concept designed to consistently reduce fuel consumption from trucks to the Lion's Coach...

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MAN TipMatic Coach 0    0

The MAN TipMatic Coach gearshift system relieves the driver's workload through automatic gear selection and gear shifting. There is no clutch pedal. Gear selection is fully automated in automatic mode...

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The Mark of the Lion. The new MAN Lion's Coach. 0    0

Featuring a brand new design inside and out, the new Lion's Coach adds to its stylish and dynamic look, whilst remaining an unmistakeable MAN coach. Thanks to the extensive experience MAN has gained a...

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