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First Impression | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

As beautiful inside as it is out, #KiaStinger sets a new standard in its class at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Watch how our fans comment on the most advanced Gran Turismo on our show ...

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This is Just the Beginning l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Built for the journey, not the destination. A legitimate sports sedan is geared up to deliver optimum performance, ushering in a new paradigm of design and performance. #KiaStinger #FromDreamsToRealit...

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In-car Features | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

Perfection is in the details. See how #KiaStinger’s luxurious in-car features so perfectly suit its exterior design excellence. #Kia Subscribe to Kia’s official Worldwide YouTube channel: https...

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Exterior Features | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

Some call it ambition, we call it dedication. From the impressive turbocharged engine to alloy wheels with Brembo brakes, #KiaStinger is hood-to-wheel perfection. #Kia Subscribe to Kia’s official W...

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Power and Performance in Death Valley l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Nothing – not even the grueling roads of the Death Valley – stands in the way of #KiaStinger. Built for the thrill of driving, this eye-catching fastback races down the deadliest of roads with its...

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Speed and Finesse on Nurburgring l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Staying undaunted even on the world's most demanding track, #KiaStinger gives a GT-inspired ride throughout the rigorous track of the Nurburgring with ultimate speed and finesse. #FromDreamsToReality ...

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Balance and Stability on Icy Arjeplog l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

The unparalleled level of elegance and athleticism of #KiaStinger daringly conquers the toughest course on Earth. With unmatched power and precision, even the most frosty road is perfectly under contr...

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The First Encounter l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Head-turning perfection becomes reality. A Gran Turismo and a masterpiece, with towering design and performance that will never disappoint. #KiaStinger #FromDreamsToReality Learn More:

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Make It a Journey l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

The drive has never been more powerful, the sound never more melodious, the attitude never more aggressive – the experience never more fulfilling. Watch for more of what our test drivers have to say...

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The Dream is Now a Reality l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

This is a whole new chapter for us. Brimming with power, passion, and performance, #KiaStinger represents the realization of the longstanding dream of a true GT-spirited car. #FromDreamsToReality Lea...

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Racing the Nurburgring | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

The Nurburgring circuit is merciless but so is the #KiaStinger. Experience the exhilarating thrill as our new sports sedan tears through the legendary race course. #Kia Subscribe to Kia’s official ...

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Powerful Performance | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

#KiaStinger offers ultimate stability and high levels of comfort in all conditions with its distinctive all-wheel drive system, powerful turbocharged engine and stunning Brembo disc brakes. #Kia Subs...

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Journey of Our Dream | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

It all began with a dream. After sleepless nights and traveling an unfamiliar road, we found the right path. #KiaStinger was born. #Kia #Stinger #CarOfTheYear #COTY #COTY2018 Subscribe to Kia’s off...

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Kia Stinger Winter Testing l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Kia's upcoming Grand Touring vehicle Stinger is undergoing a comprehensive winter testing program in Arjeplog, Sweden. Subscribe to Kia’s official YouTube channel:

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Unveiled l Kia StingerㅣKia 0    0

The wait is finally over. Introducing the new Kia Stinger. #KiaStinger #NAIAS #thecurveahead Subscribe to Kia’s official YouTube channel:

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