XC90 Twin Engine 0    0

Sürüş keyfini yeniden şekillendiren ‪#‎XC90‬ Twin Engine, Intelligent Power ile yüksek performans ve düşük emisyonu aynı anda sunuyor!

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YeniXC90 | Clean Zone 0    0

YeniXC90 Excellence’ın iç yapısını anlatan bir animasyon filmidir. İyonizasyon sistemiyle oluşan yüklü moleküllerin, kabin içerisinde dolanarak, duman, toz ve polene nasıl yapıştığı...

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Yeni Nesil Sedan Volvo S90 0    0

Otomobilleri, farklı bir anlayış ile üretiyoruz. Yeni Volvo #S90'ı gururla sunuyoruz.

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S90 R-Design Video 0    0

#S90 R - Design: Daha sportif bir görünüm ve yola bağlayan bir performans otomobili.

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Volvo XC60 Tour ile Hikayeni Keşfet 0    0

XC60 Tour kapsamında, 7 influencer ile birlikte #HikayeniKesfet diyerek yola çıktık, Türkiye'de 16 şehir gezdik, eğlenceli anlar yaşadık. Bu yolculuğun en özel anları ise videoda seni bekl...

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Volvo Trucks - This Volvo FH16 looks like something out of T... 0    0

When watching Johan Söderberg’s wood chipper truck in action, you might be reminded of the movie “Transformers”. He has a wood chipper that can grind logs up to 60 centimetres in circumference...

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Volvo Trucks - Introducing the Volvo Concept Truck featuring... 0    0

The Volvo Concept Truck can save up to 30 per cent in fuel consumption and emissions, including CO2. Our first hybrid powertrain for heavy-duty trucks in long haul applications recovers energy when dr...

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Volvo Trucks - I-shift with crawler gears gets this timber t... 0    0

Every day, Saku Simpanen uses his Volvo FH16, equipped with I-Shift with crawler gears, to transport up to 80 tonnes through ice and snow. “I have an almost perfect timber truck. If God made a bette...

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Volvo Trucks - A completely restored Volvo G89 from 1973 - ... 0    0

Truck enthusiast Ralf Ekdahl shows us his fully restored Volvo G89 tow truck. Absolutely everything on this old beauty is restored back to its original condition. It isn’t just the looks that impr...

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Volvo Trucks - Making every kilo count 0    0

Arclid Transport believes that the key to a successful business is utilising your trucks as best you can. By investing in Volvo Trucks’ lightweight pusher axle, fleet manager Peter Conway successf...

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Volvo Trucks – Improving productivity with self-steering ... 0    0

Here’s the truck that can boost sugar-cane harvests by up to 10 tonnes per hectare and year. In Brazil Volvo Trucks is testing how self-steering trucks can improve productivity and at the same time ...

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Volvo Trucks - Refuse handling like you've never seen it be... 0    0

Watch the self-driving refuse truck! Volvo Trucks and the Swedish waste management company Renova are testing how autonomous trucks can contribute to a safer, more efficient refuse handling and a bett...

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Volvo Trucks - The world's first self-driving truck in an un... 0    0

Our fully autonomous truck is the first in the world to be tested in operations deep underground in the Kristineberg Mine. The self-driving truck is part of a development project aimed at improving th...

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Volvo Trucks - How to stay in power 0    0

This video describe things to keep in mind while spending time in your cab. How you can save energy and still enjoy all the nice features you have in your truck. To learn more, visit the driver’s ha...

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Volvo Trucks - A rare shade of blue on this old’s cool des... 0    0

Feast your eyes on Mark Dijkhuizen’s 2014 Volvo FH. Using colours specially mixed just for this truck, Mark and his boss put their ideas together and came up with a customised beauty. The Volvo iron...

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Volvo Trucks - See how Volvo Trucks take a brake 0    0

The aim is to reduce accidents in which a truck drives into the back of a vehicle in front of the truck, an accident scenario that accounts for about one-fifth of all road accidents involving trucks. ...

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Volvo Trucks - Demonstration of autonomous refuse truck 0    0

Together with Swedish waste management company Renova, Volvo Trucks is currently testing and researching how automated vehicles can contribute to safer, more efficient refuse handling and create a bet...

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Volvo Trucks - High performance and low climate impact. The ... 0    0

The LNG driveline builds on proven diesel technology. When running, the liquid gas carried in the tank is heated and turned into compressed gas. Before it is injected, a very small amount of diesel is...

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Volvo Trucks - The Surge: A tribute to our flagship the Volv... 0    0

Timed with the start of the iconic Volvo Ocean Race: A tribute to the powerful Volvo FH and our new range of trucks running on liquefied natural gas. What do you think? Please share and comment! Visi...

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Volvo Trucks - Subscribe to our YouTube channel today! 0    0

On Volvo Trucks Youtube channel, you will find a range of entertaining videos - new innovations, cool stunts, adventures around the world, and much more. Millions of viewers can't be wrong - subscribe...

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Volvo Trucks – Why does this Volvo FH strike the perfect n... 0    0

Sweet melodies are guaranteed with this Volvo FH with I-Shift. Hans Brolsma’s cab is used to transport the instruments of the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, and the detail on the truck really...

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Volvo Trucks - Tyre pressure monitoring explained 0    0

This video describes how the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system (TPM) works and what to do for example when changing tyres. To learn more, visit the driver’s handbook web site: https://drivershandbook...

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