Scania's on the quest for the worlds best truck driver 0    0

Challenge yourself and challenge your colleagues. Register now for the Scania Driver Competitions 2010 that are taking place all over the world. For more information, go to

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Scania Young European Truck Driver 2007 Final 0    0

Narrated news report from Scania Young European Truck Driver 2007, Södertälje 22 September 2007.

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Scania celebrates 100 years as bus manufacturer 0    0

Scania began delivering strong and sustainable passenger transport solutions in 1911. At that time, Scania was part of a revolution. With this in mind, it's exciting to think about the next 100 years....

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Scania Opticruise - all the goodies 0    0

Summary of all special features integrated in Scania Opticruise.

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Scania Euro 6 0    0

Watch the new Scania R 440 and G 480 Euro 6 in action. Scania Euro 6 takes everything that you expect from a Scania to the next level. Outstanding operating economy, uptime and amazing driveability, w...

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Scania Driver Support System - A unique Scania feature 0    0

Scania Driver Support is a unique feature on new Scania vehicles that gives drivers instant feedback on how economically they're driving. The system has been developed to improve road safety, driver a...

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The new Scania R-series, New Scania Opticruise 0    0

One of the major technological milestones. Our vision has been to create a system that thinks and acts just like the most skilled and experienced driver would have done, in every situation. For more i...

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“I wish we ordered more of the new trucks!” 0    0

With one of the first trucks from Scania's new generation, Sørum Transport delivers just in time for Norway's largest infrastructure project in modern times. The company's owner, Harry Nilsen, is ver...

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Birth of the new Scania is near – watch it live! 0    0

The launch of the new generation Scania truck on 23 August will be streamed live on and on Scania Group’s Facebook page as well as on national Scania websites.

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Electric trucks – how the technology works 0    0

Is it possible to run a full-sized truck solely on electricity in full speed? This month, an electrically powered truck will begin rolling along a two-kilometre test strip in Sweden. This is how the t...

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Expect more with the new Scania V8 730 Euro 6 0    0

When conditions change, you adapt to stay in the lead. Your demands and expectations however, should always stay high. With the new Scania V8 730 Euro 6, you overcome the toughest demands in the world...

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Meet Scania’s next generation of trucks 0    0

Scania’s new generation is the culmination of 10 years of development and is designed to give drivers “masterful control of majestic power.”

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Scania Euro 6 - Scania Powertrain testing 0    0

The new Scania Euro 6 engines and the new integrated exhaust aftertreatment system, have gone through arduous testing for thousands of hours before launch. For more information, visit

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Scania off road truck launch 2011 0    0

In late 2011, Scania launched the new Off-road trucks in the mountains north of Barcelona, Spain. More than 120 journalists, 250 customers and 600 salesmen were there to watch the trucks take on the c...

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Final preparations for the world’s first electric road pro... 0    0

Outside Gävle in central Sweden, the last preparations are being made at the test strip for an electrically powered truck from Scania operating under real traffic conditions. “It’s amazingly quie...

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The new Scania Streamline in action. 0    0

Watch the new Scania Streamline on the road. Explore the new truck at

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Scania continuous improvements. Streamlined fuel economy. 0    0

Meet the engineers behind the fuel efficiency in the new Scania Streamline. Find out how our every effort adds up to a superior fuel economy with up to 8% less fuel consumption. Explore the new truc...

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The Scania Clock – Features – Performance 0    0

See how Scania’s truck performance made it possible to build a 750 000 square foot clock entirely made by trucks.

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Scania Student Intro 2015 0    0

Scania Student Intro is a student introduction program for future M.Sc. professionals within Computer Science and Engineering with the aim of giving students the opportunity to get an insight into our...

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The Finnish Giant 0    0

Weighing in at 104 tonnes, this Finnish giant is the heaviest vehicle of its kind in Europe. The timber truck, a Scania R730, is currently being tested on Finnish roads in the hope that more heavily l...

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Scania driver care - Exercises for truck drivers 0    0

Seat and steering wheel adjustments mean a lot to your working environment. This video shows how to perfect an ergonomically sound driving position. In addition it shows you exercises to perform whil...

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Scania Watch - Ahead of its time 0    0

Scania is taking a lead in the wearable technology market with the release of the new Scania Watch. The device clearly demonstrates how companies can benefit from the trend to fuse fashion with techno...

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Scania Opticruise - performance modes 0    0

Standard and Economy modes, integration with Scania Active Prediction.

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Lane changes made easier and safer 0    0

Scania is piloting an active side assistance driver support system that detects vehicles behind and beside its trucks and informs drivers where these vehicles are, making lane changes easier and safer...

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YETD 2012 super final 0    0

The final moments of the Young European Truck Driver 2012 final (Saturday, 8 September). Watch the final in full version at

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Scania 140 V8 Bracelet – Made from the legendary LB 140 en... 0    0

When the LB-140 V8 engine was released in 1969 – it changed motoring history through sheer horsepower. Mountains could be scaled as if they were mere hills. Two day drives could now be made in one. ...

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Scania Euro 6 Technology 0    0

Follow the emission reduction process through a Scania Euro 6 engine with the new integrated exhaust aftertreatment unit. This unique process reduces the NOx levels by 95% and particulates by 99%. For...

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Hayley McQueen test drives a Scania 0    0

British TV sports presenter Hayley McQueen visits Scania DemoCentre as preparation for the Young European Truck Driver final she will host on 25 April. For the very first time in her life she gets to ...

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