IAA 2017ㅣHighlightㅣKia 0    0

#Kia’s new and upgraded faces definitely grabbed endless attention at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Check out the highlights of Kia and its forward-looking design and technology unveiled at #IAA. Subsc...

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First Impression | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

As beautiful inside as it is out, #KiaStinger sets a new standard in its class at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Watch how our fans comment on the most advanced Gran Turismo on our show ...

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First Impression | New Sorento | Kia 0    0

With the new 8-speed automatic transmission and the enhanced drive modes, the upgraded #Sorento is mightier than ever. Watch how our fans comment on the sport-inspired GT on our show floor! #Kia #IAA ...

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In-car Features | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

Perfection is in the details. See how #KiaStinger’s luxurious in-car features so perfectly suit its exterior design excellence. #Kia Subscribe to Kia’s official Worldwide YouTube channel: https...

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Exterior Features | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

Some call it ambition, we call it dedication. From the impressive turbocharged engine to alloy wheels with Brembo brakes, #KiaStinger is hood-to-wheel perfection. #Kia Subscribe to Kia’s official W...

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Power and Performance in Death Valley l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Nothing – not even the grueling roads of the Death Valley – stands in the way of #KiaStinger. Built for the thrill of driving, this eye-catching fastback races down the deadliest of roads with its...

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Speed and Finesse on Nurburgring l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Staying undaunted even on the world's most demanding track, #KiaStinger gives a GT-inspired ride throughout the rigorous track of the Nurburgring with ultimate speed and finesse. #FromDreamsToReality ...

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25 Years and Counting | #MyKia | Kia 0    0

A proud Kia owner since 1992, Hans-Peter Wandelt shares how the #Kia #Sorento has features that perfectly suit his lifestyle. #MyKia #MySorento #KiaFever Discover more MyKia stories at

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Balance and Stability on Icy Arjeplog l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

The unparalleled level of elegance and athleticism of #KiaStinger daringly conquers the toughest course on Earth. With unmatched power and precision, even the most frosty road is perfectly under contr...

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The First Encounter l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Head-turning perfection becomes reality. A Gran Turismo and a masterpiece, with towering design and performance that will never disappoint. #KiaStinger #FromDreamsToReality Learn More:

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Ultimate Kia Experience l BEAT360 l Kia 0    0

#BEAT360 is Kia’s latest landmark and very first brand experience zone located in the heart of Seoul. Check out the video for a tour of the unique spaces in BEAT360 and a complete #Kia experience! #...

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Kia Lucky Drive to AustraliaㅣAustralian Open Tennis 2018... 0    0

Together for a greater surprise, #Kia invites you to Australian Open 2018! Apply now for the Kia Lucky Drive to Australia and win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the Australian Open in perso...

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Classic yet Modern | #MyKia | Kia 0    0

Quality and reliability guaranteed. Check out why Max and Michael chose #Kia #Sephia, the classic yet modern compact car that boasts exciting power and quality. #MyKia #MySephia #KiaHeritage Discover ...

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Be the Real You | Find Your Groove | Kia 0    0

To live a life as the real you, you need to find your groove. Groove will make your life full of joy, excitement and originality. Get ready to find your own. The all-new Kia Rio will encourage you a...

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Dennis&Seven, Dancer | Find Your Groove | Kia 0    0

Kia Rio met the two most wonderful dancers from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Dennis and Lady Seven, Watch how they fill the city full of groove with music and dance. #Kia #Rio #FindYourGroove

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Live to Dance | Find Your Groove | Kia 0    0

Dennis and Lady Seven are dancers and choreographers from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They fearlessly express who they are through dynamic moves to the music. As they dance out of the box, never be afra...

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Long-distance Friendly | #MyKia | Kia 0    0

The stability, safety, and design of the #KiaCerato makes Wi Sheong’s long commute to work a pleasant drive, every day. #MyCerato #KiaForte #MyForte More #MyKia stories at Sub...

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Simon, Sandboard Designer | Find Your Groove | Kia 0    0

Kia Rio drove to see the amazing sandboard designer, in Dubai, UAE - Simon. Watch how he slides down the sand dunes on Dubai desert, with the handcrafted board.

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Racing the Nurburgring | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

The Nurburgring circuit is merciless but so is the #KiaStinger. Experience the exhilarating thrill as our new sports sedan tears through the legendary race course. #Kia Subscribe to Kia’s official ...

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Designed for Passion | #MyKia | Kia 0    0

See how the efficient and trendy hybrid SUV #KiaNiro suits Derrick’s passion to save the earth without having to sacrifice any of the desirable features in a vehicle. #MyNiro #Kia Discover more #MyK...

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Perfect Details | Stonic | Kia 0    0

From the eye-catchingly bold design to technologies that put you in complete control, discover all the details that make the #KiaStonic the perfect companion for your urban adventure. #Kia Subscribe ...

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Journey of Our Dream | Kia Stinger | Kia 0    0

It all began with a dream. After sleepless nights and traveling an unfamiliar road, we found the right path. #KiaStinger was born. #Kia #Stinger #CarOfTheYear #COTY #COTY2018 Subscribe to Kia’s off...

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Kia Motors Mexico Manufacturing PlantㅣAround the WorldㅣK... 0    0

#Kia proudly presents one of our largest plants in the world! Located on around 500 hectares, the #Kia Mexico plant is comprised of four main shops: stamping, body welding, paint and assembly. Check ...

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Kia Stinger Winter Testing l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

Kia's upcoming Grand Touring vehicle Stinger is undergoing a comprehensive winter testing program in Arjeplog, Sweden. Subscribe to Kia’s official YouTube channel:

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Discover the Urban Delight | The all-new Picanto | Kia 0    0

With the all-new #Picanto, every moment is an #UrbanDelight. Indulge in the dynamic city adventures. #Kia Learn more about the all-new Picanto: Subscribe to Kia’s official Wo...

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On The Road l Kia Stinger l Kia 0    0

#KiaStinger is ready to go.  Check out a sports sedan perfectly crafted for exhilarating driving. This thrilling vanguard is ready to hit roads around the world. Watch Kia Stinger along the coast of ...

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Kia Driving Guide Animation (ENG) | Safety | Kia 0    0

Learn safety and confidence in driving through Kia's driving guide animation video! Find more about how to enjoy safe driving with Kia:

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Pinnacle theHustlerㅣA Good VibeㅣKia 0    0

Behind the scene with the Hip-Hop artist & DJ Pinnacle theHustler. Take a look of #KiaMusic, our ambitious collaboration with up and coming music stars. Learn more about Pinnacle theHustler ...

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